Mission, Goals, Facts and Figures

About Friends of McLean Park and House


The Friends of McLean Park and House is a 36 year old non profit organization whose purpose is to aid and assist the city of West Linn in the historic preservation of the house and grounds for the benefit of the community.

Activities the Friends carry out include caring for the house and grounds, sharing the history of the home and the memory of Doctor McLean’s significant contributions to the community, and facilitating use of the property for a variety of events, public and private, so the community can enjoy this amazing place.

Sources of Funds

The Friends raise funds for the house and grounds through private events, grants, an annual dinner & auction, donations, and membership dues.


2016 Financial Results

Revenue                           $53,408

Grants Received             $22,810

Expenditures                   $61,818

Ending Net Assets…

    …porch project fund     $7,144

     …board designated    $30,000

     …available for 2017    $11,111

2016 Accomplishments

Preserving the historic house and grounds…

Repaired front portico, replacing structural beam holding the colonial pillars, caulk, seal, paint

Repaired second story balcony over kitchen nook

Expanded irrigation to include water-wise drip irrigation in front garden beds

Preserving historical records…

Cataloged hundreds of historical records, photographs, and news articles

Benefiting the community…

Facilitated over 50 public and private events, with over 2,000 visitors to McLean House

Replaced website with a fresh look, mobile friendly design, event registration and online donations

Networked with other organizations interested in local history, including the West Linn Historical Society and Willamette Falls Heritage Area Coalition