Friends Of McLean Park And House

About Friends of McLean Park and House

The Friends of McLean Park and House is a 35 year old non profit organization whose mission is to care for and enhance the house and grounds, to keep alive the history of the home and the memory of Doctor McLean’s significant contributions to the community, and to facilitate use of the property for a variety of events, public and private.

Mission Statement, as adopted in the master plan 2003

The mission of The Friends of The McLean House is to inspire the public’s appreciation and understanding of fine historic architecture and attractive gardens through the example of The McLean House, to learn of the contributions of Dr. McLean to the community, and to provide opportunities for community use of the house and grounds. This will be realized by:

  • Preserving The McLean House, its furnishings, and collections to high standards of conservation as well as restoring and maintaining the grounds to a high level of function and design;
  • Providing an exemplary program of public access that interprets the architecture of The McLean House and Dr. McLean’s contribution to the community in a relevant, educational and engaging way;
  • Providing education programs that enhance the public’s understanding of The McLean House within the context of architectural and cultural history;
  • Providing opportunities for community gathering activities that are complementary to and respectful of the historic integrity of the house and sensibilities of the neighborhood with respect to traffic and noise;
  • Pursuing a cooperative and harmonious relationship with the neighborhood;
  • Maintaining a mutually supportive relationship with the City of West Linn in the interest of meeting our mission; and
  • Supporting the City in providing a clear connection to The McLean House, the Willamette River Greenway, and Westbridge Open Space.