McLean House Park is open daily to the public.

Come visit our well-manicured grounds, bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the gazebo or on the park benches overlooking the water feature.

Take a tree identification brochure and find the heritage trees throughout the park. In summer, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses in our rose garden.

You can extend your walk along the banks of the Willamette River, which connects to the property. Maddax Woods, our sister park, is close by and well worth the stroll down River Street.


Historical photo of McLean house with vegetable garden in the foreground

When planning his home, McLean chose a four-acre site on the beautiful Willamette River, overlooking Oregon City. He purchased the site in 1922 from the Moody Investment Company and developed it into an arboretum of grand trees, shrubs, a vegetable and flower garden, tennis court, pony barn, and plenty of room for the McLean children to explore with their friends.

Anne McLean eagerly participated in a variety of family and community endeavors, and she particularly enjoyed her rose garden. Today, the giant sequoias stand where the vegetable garden was. Of the original 4-acre site, 2.4 acres remain after the construction of the George Abernathy Bridge.