About Dr. Edward McLean

Dr. Edward H. McLean was a country doctor, and treated patients all over Clackamas County. He travelled from home to home checking on expectant mothers, delivering babies, setting broken bones, and even performing surgery.

In 1919 Dr. McLean practiced with Dr. Mount in Oregon City, but went on his own 1921. The McLean Clinic, on the corner of Seventh and High Streets in Oregon City was completed in 1936.

In 1938 Dr. McLean helped found the Physicians Association of Clackamas County (PACC) the first physician sponsored prepaid plan in the U.S. which led to formation of the Oregon Physician Service (OPS).

Dr. McLean is remembered professionally as a compassionate man, a fine doctor, a teacher and a diligent researcher, especially in the field of communicable disease. He was also an innovator in the organization of health care and financial aid for medical students through the American Medical Association.