Our Sponsors

Friends of McLean Park and House is grateful for the support of the community.  The following organizations have contributed to the care and promotion of the historic home and surrounding grounds over the years.  Thank you sponsors!   If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact our General Manager for specifics.

West Linn Lions

The West Linn Lions is an important sponsor for McLean House.  The West Linn Lions (which is separate from the West Linn Riverview Lions Club) have donated money and time to many projects over the years.  The gazebo is but one example.  The West Linn Lions are well know locally for their grilling of ‘Lions Burgers’, which raise funds for the program.  The West Linn Lions have set up their grill at McLean House at various events to support McLean House.  For more information about West Linn Lions, check out their website here:  West Linn Lions.



Mt. Hood Territory

Oregon’s Mt Hood Territory – Community Partnership Program

Through the Community Partnership Program, Friends of McLean Park and House is able to restyle its website, with the focus on drawing attention to the historic house, and the community activities and private rentals available at the McLean House.

Thank you Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory for your generous grant support.

West Linn Riverview Lions Club

West Linn Riverview Lions Club is a fantastic organization.  The West Linn Riverview Lions hold their annual English Tea at Mclean House, and help out with maintenance projects from time to time.   west linn riverview lions



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